Pay attention at 1:21. LOL

My friend told me today that he wasn’t sure if he could hang out anymore because he’s seeing a girl and wasn’t sure how that would go over and because she’s there pretty much at his place all the time now and he didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable.  I told him it would be on a “just friends” basis anyway and we’re supposed to finish up a business project that we started also.  However, I told him to forget it if it was going to be that much of a problem.

I do feel sorry for the new girl, whoever she is, because I know it won’t last.  He’ll eventually fuck her over like he does every other woman he gets involved with.  He actually told me once that he fucked another woman on his fifth-wife’s birthday, while they were still married.  That’s a pretty shitty thing to do even for a lying deceiving man-whore like himself.  I can completely understand why she is so bitter towards him now and why she asks him for money all the time.  Of course being the ball-less wimp that he is he gives it to her even though they have been divorced for a year.  He’s now working on his sixth divorce.  That one didn’t last but maybe two weeks before the lady left him while he was at work and she moved back to the state she came from.  No explanation, nothing, or at least that’s what he claimed.  I’m sure she probably found out that he was fucking some other woman and just got pissed off and left.  He had only known her for about a month maybe two before running off and marrying her.  What a dumb ass.

He actually claimed after this last one left him that he realized he needed to learn to be happy alone.  That he always felt like he needed a woman to come home to.   I believe at the time that he was serious, especially considering it was going to cost him $2,500 for yet another divorce.  Plus he had spent a bunch of money on her.  Between the wedding, bicycle he bought her, printer, flights to and forth where she was from, both him going and her coming here, and wedding rings, he probably spent $10,000 on all that alone.  Mind you, all this happened in the two months after I told him I didn’t want to see him anymore.  As soon as she left he called me and of course being the idiot that I was, I went and stayed with him for about a week.  During that week I noticed the wedding photo CD on the side table.  He hadn’t bothered to mention that he had gotten married and was still technically married.  It took him two days to finally ask if I had noticed it.  I wasn’t going to say anything.  I mean if he wants to be a compulsive liar and cheater then that’s between him and God.

His last girlfriend that lived up North he called the “love of his life” which was hilarious.  The whole time he was flying up to see her, and telling me that he was going on business trips, he was coming back home and fucking me.  She somehow found out about me after our little trip to the beach the week of Thanksgiving.  I’m not sure how she found out and he said he didn’t know either.  She was apparently very upset that he had ditched her after three days to come back home to me and then take me to the beach.  She had already told him that she didn’t want to see him again after he ditched her and came home early.  Of course he accused me of calling her and telling her, but I don’t even have the woman’s phone number or email address.

While we were at the beach, he yet again told me how he knew he needed to be alone and get his head on straight and learn how to be happy by himself.  I believed him, again.

As soon as we got back and I got home, he started acting weird again.  Ignoring my texts about his website and stuff that needed to be done.  I finally asked him WTF was up and he said he had started seeing someone and he really liked her.  OMFG.  It sure didn’t take him long to find a replacement for “the love of his life.”

So, now he’s got another unsuspecting victim basically living with him and he’ll probably marry her too once his divorce if final in January.  Why?  Because that’s just how much of an insecure pussy-hungry hypocritical claim-to-be-Christian (also supposedly called to preach) fucking idiot he is.

He used to get upset with me whenever I was completely honest with him and spoke my mind.  Admittedly I can be quite opinionated at times, but only brutally honest and opinionated when completely necessary.  I think that was because he knew it really was the truth and he just didn’t want to face the truth.

As for me, I learned a valuable lesson.  He didn’t deserve me.  Everyone had been telling me that already, but sometimes it takes a while for things to get through my stubbornness and really sink in.  I know I sound like I’m bitter, and I probably was, but writing is my form of therapy.  I feel so much better now that I’ve gotten all that out.  It’s all actually kind of funny now looking back on it all.  It’s sad that he’s going to hurt someone else, but hey, at least I’m rid of him.

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