Archive | December 10, 2010


Pay attention at 1:21. LOL

My friend told me today that he wasn’t sure if he could hang out anymore because he’s seeing a girl and wasn’t sure how that would go over and because she’s there pretty much at his place all the time now and he didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable.  I told him it would be on a “just friends” basis anyway and we’re supposed to finish up a business project that we started also.  However, I told him to forget it if it was going to be that much of a problem.

I do feel sorry for the new girl, whoever she is, because I know it won’t last.  He’ll eventually fuck her over like he does every other woman he gets involved with.  He actually told me once that he fucked another woman on his fifth-wife’s birthday, while they were still married.  That’s a pretty shitty thing to do even for a lying deceiving man-whore like himself.  I can completely understand why she is so bitter towards him now and why she asks him for money all the time.  Of course being the ball-less wimp that he is he gives it to her even though they have been divorced for a year.  He’s now working on his sixth divorce.  That one didn’t last but maybe two weeks before the lady left him while he was at work and she moved back to the state Continue reading