Top 5 strange search terms

Top 5 search terms that have brought people to my blog:

  1. virginity confession
  2. dating preacher’s daughter
  3. i guess she’s an x box and i’m more atari
  4. preachers daughter confessions
  5. fucking the preachers daughter

I can understand number 3 because it’s a popular song and people like me type in part of the lyrics that they remember in order to find the song title.  It’s “Fuck You” by the way & it’s my new favorite song.

Number 2 is sort of understandable also.  If a boy/man is dating a preacher’s daughter or thinking about doing so, he is wise to research the subject.  Preacher’s daughter’s aren’t the most transparent of people.  We can be hard to read and even harder to understand.

Number 1 is also not too surprising. There are probably a lot of young ‘uns looking to find out about first sexual experiences or creepy old guys that are just into virgins. Well, maybe they aren’t all creepy. My first was 12 years older than me & he was great.

Number 4 – preachers daughter confessions. Now this one does kind of disturb me even though it’s what I write about. What is the obsession that guys have with preacher’s daughters? We’re human just like everyone else. I understand all the stereotypes because I could be the PK poster child, but still, how did these stereotypes even get started about PKs? I’ve known many PKs that are now in the ministry themselves.

Finally number 5. Fucking the preachers daughter. Really? Again, what’s the appeal here? Are guys just wanting to test God to see what exactly it takes to be struck by lightning? Is it a forbidden fruit thing? Or maybe the appeal of turning a good girl bad? Most of us are capable of going bad all on our own. I know I didn’t need much help.

I’d love some feedback on all of this because personally, when I was in high school guys barely even noticed me or so it seemed. I later learned that people saw me as either stuck-up or a goody-goody & many of my classmates didn’t even know I was a preacher’s daughter. I had to learn how to be bad all on my own. It wasn’t pre-programmed into me just because I was a preacher’s kid.

By the way i’m writing this via WordPress for BlackBerry so please forgive my casual ramblings. I’m still stuck at the Preacher’s house & bored as hell. But alas my medicine is kicking in & I must say goodnight to you.

Peace be with you. And with you. And hopefully with the wonderful lover you just satisfied & who is sleeping soundly next to you. As for me, it’ll be a few days before i’m in my lover’s arms again. Goodnight & sweet dreams.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 strange search terms

  1. Actually, the answer to your question about #5 is very simple.

    It’s not the “forbidden fruit” thing at all.

    It’s simply a “known fact” that preacher’s daughters will put out. Just like it’s a known fact that girls who smoke will put out.

    Preacher’s daughters rebel against their strict upbringing every chance they get, and they enjoy knowing that every time they suck a cock, they’re sticking it to dad.

    Tell me I’m wrong. LOL.

  2. I too am a preachers kid…and a strange search term would be “doing it in a church.”
    I enjoy your blog. I’m anonymous also, and can relate to what you write….

  3. I can tell you how I got to your blog using the #4 search term. I was reading a fictional story on the website literotica dot com. The story is called “Preacher’s Daughter is Now a Slut,” and the short description is “Debra continues the confessions of her sins.” An author’s note refers to an earlier story, “Memories Of A Preachers’ Daughter” [sic]. After picking keywords out of that, here I am. I enjoyed your blog, but I still haven’t found the earlier story.

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