10 Things That Turn Me On

HOWITALLHAPPENED has sort of turned me on to the idea of lists, such as her suggestion #16. 10 things that turn me off.  I like the idea of lists…always have.  I try to be an organized person, but life usually gets in the way.  So I’m hoping that by making some of my own lists on here I can begin to change that a little.

So here’s my first list.  I’m going to start with a relatively simple one so that I won’t lose interest right away.  I think I not only have a touch of OCD but also ADD.  😉

10 things that turn me on (in no particular order)

  1. A man that smells good.  This one just makes me want to attack a guy.  Good personal hygiene is a necessity.
  2. A man that can make me laugh.  Make me laugh & it’s impossible for me to be mad at you.
  3. A man that actually listens to me.  Of course this is probably on every woman’s list.
  4. Honesty.  I know that’s hard to believe considering I haven’t always been the most honest person, but when someone is honest with me it’s somehow easier for me to be honest with them.
  5. A sharp-dressed man.  Yes, just like in the song.  Even ZZ Top with their long crazy beards know that a sharp suit can make a woman squirm.
  6. An intelligent man.  Yes, I love geeks & nerds.  This kind of connects back to #2.  If a guy is smart & witty & knows how to make me laugh then pull out the condoms, because I’m probably ready Freddie.
  7. A man that is confident without being narcissistic or obnoxious.  One time I actually had a really cute guy that I was talking to online blow up at me because I turned him down.  He said that I must be “one of those ugly people that only liked ugly people.”  Granted he was only about 25 and obviously a completely egotistical moron, but he must not get turned down often, because he didn’t take it well at all.  And I was extremely polite and as nice as possible in how I handled it.  His attitude was completely uncalled for.
  8. A man who is a real gentleman.  Guys, this will get you so far with me.  I love being treated like a princess and I’m not talking about having a guy buy me things.  I’m talking about how a guy talks to me and is respectful towards me.  A man who does things like opens doors for me and calls me sweet names such as baby, sugar, honey, etc.  Quite possibly this is because I’m Southern and grew up around real Southern Gentlemen.  They have MANNERS and that is a huge turn-on.
  9. A good kisser.  Not too aggressive, not too soft or slobbery, but just right.Tongue is good but not all the time.  Passionate kisses are what get my juices flowing.  Kiss me like you just found your long-lost soul mate, even if I’m not her.
  10. My final turn-on is a man that is not judgmental.  If you can’t handle the fact that I have a past and am not a virgin, then move along.  I don’t judge and I don’t wish to be judged.  I’m leaving that up to God.

So there’s my first list.  Feel free to comment & thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “10 Things That Turn Me On

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