Archive | December 1, 2010

I refuse to give up hope.

I can honestly say that I still believe that my Mr. Right is out there.  I can also tell you why I believe that.  Have you ever seen the TV show Wife Swap?  Well, if not here’s how it works.  They take two very different couples and they swap wives for a week.  After the week is over with and there has usually been a lot of confrontation, disagreements, arguments, and so forth between the husbands and children and their new “Mommy” then the couples are reunited.  Just the look on the couples’ faces is priceless and is enough to tell me that there really is someone for everyone.  No matter how messed up, weird, oddball, abnormal, or any other adjective you’d like to use to describe these people, they always seem to love each other unconditionally.  They are perfect matches.  Now I know that it might be hard to believe that someone with major OCD or control issues would have a perfect match, but it’s true.  There is someone out there that is the yin to their yang.

So I’m just waiting for my yin to show up and pop the question and make me the happiest little preacher’s daughter in the world.  I refuse to give up hope.

No matter how many times my heart is trampled upon I will always believe that he’s out there somewhere looking for me just as I’m looking for him.  Who knows, I may already even know him.  Time will tell.