Archive | November 27, 2010

On the Playground

There’s a song on my iPod that keeps popping up that I really like because of the bass line, but also because of the lyrics. It says “I warned you, you didn’t believe me. I warned you & now you’re caught. There’s some people that you just can’t trust. Some people talk way too much. Take my advice & listen up. Don’t be a fool like the rest of us.”

I also like this song because I can relate to the lyrics. It can go both ways though. I can see myself as both the good-guy & bad-guy in this song.

I’ve always had a dark side, but the good side is usually what ruled & guided me. I think I’ve gone out of balance in the last few years though. I don’t even trust myself sometimes & I certainly don’t expect anyone else to trust me. How do I get back to the light? How do I stop being what I despise, a hypocrite? This probably sounds ridiculous coming from a preacher’s kid because i’m supposed to already know the answer. That doesn’t mean it’s any easier or the how-to part is any clearer though.

Just some late night contemplations. No juicy confession or anything this time. There’s really nothing to confess today other than I ate too many Thanksgiving leftovers and I got caught in a lie.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. Since I completely avoided mine, i’m in the dog house i’m afraid. Nothing beats being the black sheep of the family.