Happy Trails

Well, it’s 4:40 am & here I am sitting in his apartment all alone. My friend, formerly with benefits, has just left to go fly out to see his “girlfriend” for Thanksgiving. This after he told me that he doesn’t want to move up to where she lives because he doesn’t like it there. Yet, he is still willing to shell out cash that I know he probably can’t afford to spend right now, for a ticket to go see a woman who is not willing to move here to be with him (“oops, she’s a gold-digger, just thought you should know nigga”).  I know I shouldn’t be upset or jealous or even care at this point, but sometimes even though I don’t want to feel something, my damn heart feels it anyway.  I’m a Cancer & we’re very emotional people.   Anyway, I’ve decided (and with my stubbornness, that’s all it takes) that I’m going to find someone better, which shouldn’t be too hard to do.

I knew this day was coming for about a week now, so I tried to make plans for the weekend, having my sister come down to visit, hoping that distraction would be the best medicine. I’ve also been trying to find other friends to hang out with to help provide some much needed distraction and something to counteract any loneliness that may rear its ugly head. So far, I’ve just got my sister, for a day & a half. Let’s hope I don’t get into any trouble while he’s gone. Well, maybe some trouble, the good kind, is just what I need.  Good thing I’m in the perfect city for getting into trouble.

The last few times that we had sex, it was very disappointing, and it wasn’t just his fault. Although, the lack of any sort of foreplay, even kissing, certainly didn’t help me get into the mood.  A girl usually needs a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to get her going.  Preferably some oral, which he doesn’t do by the way.  Don’t worry, I love to reciprocate.  I have mad skills, if I do say so myself, and I’ve been told so more than once.  I won’t say how many times, mainly because I can’t count that high. Just kidding.  Or am I? Hmmmm.  Also, kissing is a must.  How can people have sex without kissing?  I’ve never understood that.  Kissing is such a sensual act that it seems that if the kissing sucks, then the rest won’t be that good either.  I can’t stand it when a man doesn’t know how to kiss a woman.  I can’t express how much I love kissing.  Up, down, all around…it doesn’t have to be limited to just the lips.

Next, don’t just hop on and start pounding away, especially if you’re well endowed.  Work that thing in there easily guys.  Then treat it like a steam engine that has to slowly work up steam power.  Damn, now I’m horny.

So if anyone is up for a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ let me know.  LOL

5 thoughts on “Happy Trails

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