Archive | October 31, 2010

Craigs List

Ok, so I put up my very first post on Craig’s List last night & got at least a hundred replies within the first 3 hours.   One really cute guy said he wanted to meet me tonight at a bar for a Halloween party.  He never called/text/emailed me back today.  So, I had a backup.  He claimed to be a cop.  We text back & forth all afternoon then agreed he’d pick me up at 9pm.  Surprise, surprise, he text me at 7pm to say that he got called into work (i.e. chickened out on me).  So, last ditch effort to go out and have some fun on Halloween was a guy that I didn’t talk to much but liked his pic and he seemed ok.  Said he was leaving to come meet me and then never showed.  What the fuck is wrong with you men?  Are you all ball-less bastards or just chicken or what? I was starting to feel a little like Carrie there for a while. LOL

OK, so now that my rant about my ruined Halloween is over I can tell you about my adorable costume.  I was dressed as the cutest goth/evil Hello Kitty-gone bad.  I had the ears with the bow and everything.

Now, to be fair to the guys, there were a few that seemed decent, I just didn’t choose them.  So, evidently, as usual my taste in men is the problem.

But alas! I might have found the one good one out of the hundred (he’s definitely sexy).  You just have to stay tuned to find out! 🙂

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