Archive | October 18, 2010


Yes, really.  Damn you men.  I can’t live with you but sure as hell can’t live without you.  Recently a man, a male friend with benefits, although I’m beginning to wonder what those benefits are, told me that all men have the tendency to cheat.  Well, duh, I already knew that.  He only said this because I thought we were dating, but he seemed to think that dating meant that he could still talk to, date and fuck other women at the same time that he was seeing me.  I on the other hand thought that it meant that we were only seeing each other.  I mean how can you concentrate on one person enough to find out if you actually want to be with this person in an actual relationship for a long period of time if you are constantly looking for greener pastures?  It didn’t seem that he was giving me a fair chance.  Maybe I’m just naive and have unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships and men.  Well, I decided to just say fuck it and let him do as he pleases.  Of course this means that I’m going to do the same.  Fair is fair.