Archive | July 11, 2010

Wild Child

Preacher's Daughter of the Day: Toni Braxton

When I was eleven my dad decided that it was time for us to go back to church.  It had been ten years and because I was so young when we left the church, it was a complete lifestyle change for me.  It wasn’t that bad at first, but once he started preaching and I hit my teens, I think I went into shock.  My dad went through phases.  The one that I remember and hated the most was his “women must wear dresses and have long hair” phase.  He has long since grown out of this phase, thank goodness.

I remember one day when I was thirteen and he wanted to go out to eat.  He came in and told me to get ready and put a dress on because we would be leaving soon.  I asked why I had to wear a dress.  He just told me to do what he said.  I got upset and told my mom that if I had to wear a dress I wasn’t going.  I think that was the beginning of my rebellion.  Before then I had pretty much always been a good kid that did as she was told.  It sounds silly I know, but for a thirteen year old, it was the end of the world as I knew it.  My mom must have had a talk with him because not long after, he backed down on the dress issue.  Once he backed down, I stopped being so stubborn about it.

It wasn’t until late in my junior year that I really started rebelling again.  I had a friend that he didn’t really like and I didn’t really care.  Still, my version of rebellion never included alcohol, sex, drugs or anything too bad.

I was still a good girl until I turned twenty-one and then I met back up with a friend that I went to high school with and started going out and partying at clubs and bars.  Still, there was only alcohol involved.  Compared to most people my age, I was very tame.

When I was twenty-two I lost my virginity and moved to the big city.  I partied, did some drugs, drank a lot, had one-night stands, sex in public places, all that good stuff.  That only lasted about six months, then I was burnt out.  After so many years of repression, it was about time that I sowed all my wild oats and then some.

It’s been almost fourteen years since I lost my virginity and sowed all those wild oats.  I think having a birthday recently has caused me to reminisce about the good old days.  When I read over my journals for that time period, I still can’t believe that I did some of those things.  What the hell was I thinking?