Be Gone!

Agnes Moorehead (Endora on Bewitched) - Preacher's Daughter

I think I’ve come to a decision.  Logistically it’s not feasible for me to date two men at once so I have chosen one.  Choosing was the easy part.  Now for the hard part, actually telling the unfortunate one that it’s over.

Now just so you know, this is no three week relationship I’m talking about ending here.  It’s going on a year and a half now that I’ve dated Bobblehead Nerd.  It has been a very long and rough year and a half though.

After staying the night with one guy the other night, then waking up, going home, then going over to the Bobblehead Nerd’s house, I realized that I just can’t keep doing it.  The fact that I had sex with two different guys in a 24 hour period had little to do with my decision.  I’ve done that before, so it’s not morally an issue for me.  It was the fact that I’m not as young as I used to be and just don’t have enough energy for all that now.  I guess I’m just getting old.

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