Amen Snoop. Amen.

I do love me some Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg. She's hot and brassy, just like I like 'em. Oh, and she's a preacher's daughter too!

Ok, now for the real confession.

What’s worse?  A guy that has wonderful skills in the bedroom, but has an average size penis or a guy that has average skills in the bedroom, but has a wonderfully large, but not too large penis?  How do you choose between the two?

Sorry guys, but size matters.  Once I saw a penis that was so large that it scared me to the point that I cut the date short and never saw the guy again.  Too bad too, because he was a very cool, creative, nice guy, but just the thought of that thing going anywhere near my pussy scared the hell out of me.

So until I can figure out the answer to the questions above, I guess I sort of have two boyfriends for now.  Besides probably being a borderline sex addict, I just can’t seem to give up either of them.  They both have their pros and cons.  Maybe I need to make a list of each, on a spreadsheet.  I love spreadsheets.

My other confession is that I had a dream last night that was kind of confusing and awesome at the same time.  I dreamed that I was getting into the car with my mom to go somewhere.  We were leaving a house, but I’m not sure whose house.  As we were about to leave a man walks up to the garage.  Here’s where it gets good.  He was tall with wavy black hair and he was wearing combat boots, a black t-shirt and a kilt, yes, a kilt.  The thing that I remembered most when I woke up, the absolute perfectly detailed picture in my mind, was of his legs.  They were like tree trunks.  They were huge and beautiful with chiseled muscles and a just a little hairy.  He looked like a Scottish god standing there in front of the garage, but who was this gorgeous man?  As my mom and I sat in the car watching him, she said, “Now see, that’s what you need.”  No truer words were ever spoken.  Unfortunately I woke up just after she said that and never got to find out who the hunk in the kilt was.

2 thoughts on “Amen Snoop. Amen.

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